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Mary Casanova Up North

April 12, 2023 @ 5:30 am 6:30 am

Join author Mary Casanova at North Star Elementary School in partnership with Virginia Public Library (Audience Grades 3-6).

Straight out of college, Mary Casanova and her husband followed their dream to live “up north.” Forty years and 40 books later, Mary’s love of woods, water, and wilderness permeates her wide range of work. With heart and humor, Mary Casanova entertains & educates as she shares her writing process, including: 

      *where ideas come from

      *overcoming writer’s block

      *doing the research

      *drawing on the five senses

      *mining personal experience

      *creating strong beginnings . . .

Personable and engaging, Mary Casanova tailors her visits to her audiences. For younger audiences, she brings puppets and a canoe for an interactive audience performance of One-Dog Canoe. Depending on the audience and age group, her presentations might include:

*picture books (One-Dog Canoe, Utterly Otterly Day, Wake Up, Island) and/or . . .  

*early mysteries set in a northern village where dogs roam free (Dog Watch) and/or . . . 

*kids’ adventure novels (Wolf Shadows, Riot, When Eagles Fall) and/or . . . 

*gritty historical dramas set in 1920s northern MN (Frozen, Ice-Out, Waterfall).

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